10 Minute Swim Assessment

Baywatch Lifeguard

Goal: Swim as far as you can in 10 minutes using any stroke

Role: Lifeguard Hopeful

Audience: Mitch Buchannon and the rest of the Baywatch Lifeguards

Situation: You are looking to make some extra cash for the summer and want to spend time tanning and toning while doing it.

Becoming a Baywatch Lifeguard looks like the perfect summer job for you!!

You have completed most of the training and have been to tryouts looking to secure your place amongst the red-clad elite who guard the waters at Santa Monica Bay.

The only hurdle left to clear is the 10 minute swim.

If you can swim 450m or more you will earn your red togs and a place along side David Hasselhoff as a full fledged Baywatch Babe or Hunk.

If you can swim 400m you will earn your red togs and the right to save people, but you will be stuck down the other end of the beach from “The Hoff”.

If you can swim 350m you will earn some yellow togs and the right to hang out with the Baywatch Lifeguards after hours.

If you can swim 300m you will have to provide your own togs and will forever be known as a Baywatch Lifeguard Wannabe – meaning you can still work on your tan, but you can’t ride in the Beach Patrol Truck.

If you can swim 250m you will have to provide your own togs indicating that you are qualified to carry the rescue float for a Lifeguard but that you can’t actually enter the water to save anyone.

If you can swim 200m you will be the little kid on the beach who runs up to the Baywatch Lifeguard and says “Hey Mister! There’s someone in trouble out there!”


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