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HELP Position








At 23:40pm on the night of April 14, 1912 you are unlucky enough to have been a passenger aboard the RMS Titanic (aka The Unsinkable Titanic). At 23:40 the Titanic hit an iceberg and by 2:20 on the morning of April 15 it had sunk into the North Atlantic.

Fortunately, you have recently been enrolled in the PE department at IS Manila and have learned a few helpful water survival skills that should help you survive the long night (4 hours) in the hopes that you will be rescued by the nearby Carpathia.

Because of the lack of lifeboats aboard Titanic you will need to jump from the sinking ship and use your safe entry to keep your head above water, you will then need to swim in your clothes at least 100m to get away from the sinking ship to make sure you aren’t pulled under and drowned. After swimming away from the doomed vessel you will need to assume the individual HELP position to conserve body heat until rescue arrives. If there are other survivors nearby you will need to move to them and organize them into the HELP huddle position to increase all your chances of survival. Hopefully one of the few lifeboats will be able to find you in the dark and pull you out before you freeze to death. Good Luck!!

Product Performance Purpose
Keep alive in the frigid waters of the North Atlantic

Standards and Criteria for Success
STAYIN’ ALIVE!!    Personal Survival Assessment Rubric

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