Track and Field

How fast can YOU run, jump and throw???

In the Track and Field unit you will participate in 3 Star event competition!


  • You will complete 6 events
  • Each event will give you points to put towards your final score.
  • Your top 3 events count towards to your final score.
  • Events include: 100m, 200m, 12 min run, cricket ball throw, shot put, high jump and long jump
  • You will fill out an individual tracking sheet to keep a record of your progress and to show you how close you are to your goal!  Click on the link to see the tracking sheet and the score tables 5 Star 3 Event Track and Field
  • How fast do you think you are? How high or long can you jump? How far can you throw? Use the scoring table to set your goals and monitor your progress thoughout the unit. 5 Star Event Scoring Table

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